• Warehousing

A warehouse of 6.500 m² is located in the site of Jemeppe-sur-Sambre




The warehouse has a capacity of 16.500 Tons in pack (DLF or PLF) of 2.5 T, 5 T or 12 T.


logistique_02.png logistique_03.png



A free area is dedicated to general cargo (palets, crates, boxes,…)




4 travelling bridges with a capacity range from 3.2 T to-15 T allow the manipulation of glass pack, L-frames, crates,…


The building temperature is controlled in order to maintain a constant temperature.



Special equipments intended for the logistic of glass complete the installation :



Lifting frame for PLF pack of 12T

Lifting frame for PLF pack of 2.5T

Lifting frame for DLF sizes




logistique_08.png Spreader with succion cups for sheed feed manipulation

Equipment for turning pack of glass





Réception / Expédition

Our warehouse team is specialized in the handling of glass in diverse packaging :

  • PLF packs of 2.5 T – 5 T – 12T
  • DLF Packs
  • Glass in crates
  • Glass in boxes
  • Automotive glass


Besides the expedition receptions of stillages A or L, we also perform the glass load / unload operations of DLF on curtain sided trailers as well as in marine containers